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I just got this game in the bundle, and was hooked from the first tape. I finished a couple minutes ago, and immediately had to tell you how much I loved it. Thank you so much for all your hard work, the results are incredible! I'm recommending this game to everyone I know.


Totally AGREE !! And thanks Dev for putting it in the bundle !!


hi i am very interested in the story element of the game. however, i am afraid that there will be horror/jumpscare element. Will these be in the game?


Hey there!


The game is certainly intended to be creepy and there are disturbing images and randomized ambient noises (like loudly creaking wood) that might startle you, but there are no jump scares and there are no enemies/threats in the game. The horror is purely atmospheric.


Thank you so much! I'll give this a try!


Received this through the Racial Justice Bundle. Played through it, and it's one of the best games of this type that I've experienced in a long time. As a Christian myself, I came away from it thinking that everyone needs to play it. Single-handedly made the donation cost of the bundle worth it.


Thank you so much! This is incredibly kind!


Not a problem -- I have been thinking about the game a lot since finishing it. I ended up purchasing it on Steam this morning so that I can better support your work. Take care and thanks again for creating such a thoughtful game!

very immersive storytelling and wonderful design ,, the more i learned about james the angrier i got lmao god it's really a sad thought this has happened and continues to happen to people  and they don't know it 


I'm glad I could make you angry and sad :P

For real though, glad you enjoyed the game.

Highly enjoyed this experience :-)

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played this on steam about a year ago with my girlfriend. i still think about it from time to time. it's an experience that really stuck with me. fantastic little game. i'll check out anything else you guys make for sure :)

Thank you -- I'm glad you enjoyed it. We should have a new game coming out shortly so check back :)

My first Platinum Trophy on PS4. A game experience I won't forget. Thank you.

Thank you so much! Really happy you enjoyed the game.


Such a compelling, chilling dive into life in a cult compound as told through audiotapes and letters that you uncover as you make your way through the simple but eerie landscape. Great story, great visuals. Nice voice acting. The only issue I had was with the lighting . The mine shaft portion of the game was so dark that I gave up a few minutes in since I couldn't make heads or tails of where I was going. But I'll likely return to finish this game soon.  It sticks with you.

Thank you so much for the kind words! Glad you're enjoying it.

Here's a tip: Check the farm shed for a handy item that'll let you get around much easier in the dark.

Thanks for the tip!


This was a really interesting experience! I was very much captivated by the story and I loved the overall aesthetics and eerie, lonely atmosphere. (the mine left me feeling particularly unsettled.) The cult and it's compound felt disturbingly realistic. Great job, it's certainly put me off joining a cult any time soon! 

Love this game.. it just makes you feel uneasy .. You never loose that feeling of something's not right 

Are there any plans for a Linux version ?


same here. linux?

The story is... quite a bit disturbing, but I liked the end (not spoiled in here). :) 

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