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Wow, literally JUST hit credits, what a ride. Without spoiling anything; when you walk out of the red rooms into the building you were in before, right before the ending cutscene? Fantastic. I would love to see this get a spotlight on it, maybe a tiny  bit of polish on the UI and voice recording would make this an incredibly popular indie narrative given the right exposure. Please keep making games.


I cant start to explain how good this game is. I got it with the Racial Justice Bundle and I've replayed it so many times. The story is just so engaging, even when you know the plot you still get sucked into the story with as much intensity as the first time. The atmosphere is perfect, the tapes are lovely, the creepiness of it all and how it just transport you there is just... Incredible. It really does make sense of how the cult experience works. If you can, play this game. 

pictured below: you and me

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Extremely well executed, very atmospheric and unsettling, and doesn't overstay its welcome. One minor quibble. For the first maybe 20-30 minutes, I didn't realize you could run with R1. As the walk speed is painfully slow, this made a huge difference. Might be a good idea to inform players of this somewhere early on (or did I miss it?)

Your game blew my mind. Thank you for making it.

Interesting experience. Great work

So well done! The visual style got me interested, but the story kept me playing. Amazing game. 


Neat game. Gorgeous aesthetic, really good portrayal of cults, compelling story. Well worth your time, and is the walking sim genre at its best.

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An emotionally involving, well-researched  game experience. The existential dread is palpable. Truly, a shining example of independent game development - Bravo! 


This game was amazing. Really strong creepy, uncomfortable atmosphere and completely engaging. I felt all sorts of emotions while playing. Time went by really fast, and I love that there were no cheap scares just really strong psychological/atmospheric horror vibes. 

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Just finished playing this while streaming with a couple friends, and we were all thoroughly engrossed with the story. At times sad, frightening, or uncomfortably relatable. Just a fantastic, emotionally impactful experience.

That was really fun and immersive. I love this style of game and the team here really nailed it. :D 

I really enjoyed that! Very intriguing plot and it really hooked me in right away!

Well done, good story !!! Gameplay on M1 Mac mini

Awesome game! <3 So glad I took the chance.


this looks real good but i need to know: are there any jumpscares? where?


Hey there -- no jumpscares! The game is eerie but not that kind of horror game.

I loved this game so much! The characters were set up so well, and story telling was awesome imo, and i specially loved how it got darker with time passing! I wonder how many extra tapes are in it though xD A reticle would have been helpful, but the overall atmosphere and storytelling of the game was wonderful.

This was good. Not often one see a truly realistic take on Cults. My only problem was a lack of a "quest log" to see what one has read and listened to before, and no arrow in the map to tell where you are going.

this was a really interesting game to play. i already knew a bit about cults, so i kind of understood how accurate this story is. one big point: desperately needs a reticle! every time i had to focus something in the exact center of the screen to highlight it, i would think, "argh, no reticle!" also if i hadn't noticed the run button i might have stopped playing because the movement is so slow. and this is just my personal bias talking, but i think a jump button would have been great too. 

either way, it was worth playing, and the graphics and landscape were beautiful. thanks for making this.

I got this as part of the Racial Justice Bundle. I absolutely loved it! Short but such a great story. The art style really worked with the plot and made everything way more creepy imo. 


Absolutely LOVED this. I got it in the Racial Justice Bundle, and it's been one of my  favorites so far. Tight, compelling storytelling and a great aesthetic. Ended up finding all the tapes (I think).

Looking forward to stuff you put out in the future.

One of those games that has a sprint function, but it feels kind of wrong to use it. Sprinting seems to contrast with the more surreal atmosphere created by the game. Kind of seem to forget the outside world exists while playing this one. Fairly standard gameplay with exceptional storytelling and atmosphere with the perfect length imo. Great way to spend an hour and a half. 

This was a fantastic game! The subject matter could ave been treated really shallowly but this is a game that resonates. The sound design and especially the lead actresses performance really make it.

Note: played this on Ubuntu with wine/Lutris and it worked perfectly well :)

Great atmosphere, the game succeeds in creating a creeping oppressive feeling, culminating at the end. 

Very cool. The lo-fi graphics made for an uneasy atmosphere (or at least so I imagined), the daylight fading over the course of the game gave it a more real, immediate feeling, and due to the somber, rather down-to-earth tone the... break towards the end caught me off guard, which was pretty cool.

To clarify:  the gate at the community building. After going thru the building, I am missing what is needed to open the gate to go to another building. I'm new to gaming and alot of the thinking is new to me.

Why is the gate not opening?

Spatial storytelling is wonderful and the story unfolds in an engaging way that is very immersive to follow.

Touching, thrilling, and overall very immersive. If only the minor glitches didn't get in the way of the story.. Added realism of not being able to read without proper lighting was a neat touch, but the fact that I couldn't access the most intriguing notes of the "interloper" with the lights on or the final journal because I've picked up a puzzle piece first.. beyond frustrating. I really hope those get tweaked someday, because aside from that, it's a very neat game.


I purchase this game in the bundle for racial equality on itchio and I really don't regret it at all and I would'nt regret it even if I had purchased it at his full price. The story is awesome and really captivating

I love your game, thanks :D. t's interesting how you explore a subject many times in a game but in a totally different way, more narrative and with a lot of care. A view of the sects from a more human side. 

    The atmosphere is ideal, and it increases the narrative. The sound and the graphics are very awesome. 


i like this game a lot but the walking speed is sooooo slowwwww

i may be late by now, but you can run by holding shift

i am a fool

Excellent game.  One of the few games to deal with a cult that shows some understanding and sympathy.  Kinda goes off the rails about 2/3 through, but its still better than most.  Gorgeous experience.  Creepy in parts, but naturally so, not forced.

This game was absolutely wonderful to play. I went into it nearly fully blind, barely looking at the description. I am completely unable to describe how it made me feel. By the end, I was questioning a lot both about the people in the game, and myself.

I played this about a month ago, when the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality came out. I've been desperately searching for similar games, but none hold a candle.

Thank you for allowing me to experience such a nuanced game and have an experience I don't think I'll ever be able to find again.

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Thank you for creating a game that deals with a complex subject with tact and nuance. There are no easy answers. I can't believe that I was explicitly searching for a non-over-the-top game about the cult experience and this did not come up. Thanks to the massive Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, I got to experience it! Thank you for including it in that bundle.

I also got the 15/12 tapes thing. Further, in testing whether death was actually possible, I tried to kill myself several ways. The closest I got was standing under the mine elevator as it plummeted downwards. I did not die, but glitched partially through it, just so you know. The voice acting was generally on point, but I would have loved to have heard a wider variety of voices.

Oh, and thanks for supporting Macs!

I love this game. It's unnerving. It's not full on horror but leaves enough to rub you the wrong way -- which is exactly what's great about it. I love the artstyle because you have the lot poly nostalgia mixed with modern tech being able to render everything. 

I love the design of this game. The immersive sound and environment creates a sense of desolation and abandonment which makes the story it is trying to tell all the more haunting. Absolutely recommend. 

Awesome atmospheric experience with light puzzle and exploration elements. I felt drawn in by the foreboding, desolate environment and evocative sound design. The story was compelling and engaging throughout. Great work! 

A great piece of interactive fiction, deeply unsettling but without resorting to tropes or horror

Loved it. Really unsettling atmosphere. Was a bit hard to figure out which way I was going at times and the Lo-Fi filter seemed a tad too much but the story had me hooked and I finished it in one sitting. Looking forward to more in the future!

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